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Saturday, 11 February 2017

Siesta's and Sangria. Why I voted to remain

When i was about 7 or 8, there was a song that used to come on and at weddings everyone got up and danced. Y Viva Espana by Sylvia.  Remember it?  Well when your holidays consisted of being rammed into the back of a Corsair or Granada and driven from Portsmouth to Newcastle for weekend with the family and a 4 yr old sister who used to puke up every half an hour, the thought of a trip to Sunny Spain seemed rather exotic and adventurous.

Y Viva Espana

I had a poster of a Matador on my bedroom wall and when i grew up I was going to work with Zoro, life was so simple back then.  I never did go to Spain on holiday until many years later, and that was only because Mum and Dad retired out there.  Had been to Ibiza when i was 18 or 19 because, that's what 18 and 19 yrs olds do.  My own lads have just booked their first Lads On Tour holiday to a shanty town on a Greek Island later on this year.........   Back in the mid 80's we never had facebook or snapchat or twitter so when we got to our destination the only thing we knew about it was what castles were near by, what days the market was and how to ask for a beer in Spanish/French/Italian/German all courtesy of Mr Collins......

Now-a-days they are so spoilt.  Someone has made a facebook group up and invited anyone going to this war torn summer shag fest of Sambuca and sweat, to join a group. They've already started chatting up the girls and challenging other lads on tour to drinking games nights.  It sounds like absolute Hell in 100 degrees but they're looking forward to it.

Me and the Mrs would rather get in a car and drive to a nice hotel somewhere up a Mountain or on the Med and do nothing for a week or so.  Maybe a French farmhouse with a pool. We wouldn't need much.  A couple of cafes and bars, a twice weekly market and just enough budget to keep us full for a few days.  We've done the Dominican Republic, Sun City sort of Holidays, pre-children and even got married in Vegas 25 yrs ago, so we're not old fuddy duddy non-adventurous or anything, it's just we don't enjoy other cultures as much as our European one.  I think we could narrow it down to enjoying most cultures other than American, or the America we saw on our short trip many years ago. No, we're definitely Europeans.

Having lived in South East London for many yrs, and the Mrs being the princess of Penge, we lived in a multi-cultural part of the World.  My old beat alone had every nationality under the sun living there. The colours of clothing, the smells of the cooking, the rich languages in the street and in cafes and pubs. On a hot summers day, South East London can be like being abroad....  people from many nations, living together creates a really good vibe and when it all sings to the same tune, it's like non other.  Just a sense of belonging to a place. It doesn't matter where people are from, it's about how they feel about the place they live.  And it's about those who already live their, showing newcomers, new ways.  Not the newcomers showing us their ways.

In my 18yrs as a Policeman in London I never once arrested anyone for anything other British Law. Not EU laws, but British Laws. Laws made in our Parliament by our Elected Representatives.  I've arrested and caused the deportation of about 30 or 40 Non EU nationals in my younger days, mostly just for working believe it or not. We used to do immigration raids in the Hotels in the West End.
Oh, and lots of fair evaders, people who didn't pay for the tube, we would arrest them and lots would be over-stayers so they went home as well.

But we never got to send the French shoplifters home, or Italian prostitutes or the Spanish drug dealers.... I think we should be able to send them back with no right of appeal.  That's a blatant taking of the piss me thinks.....

But would I want to leave the EU and the way it is woven into my life..... No chance.  It's the blend of cultures that makes life and Britain so rich in so many ways. Open, inclusive, Vibrant,  a World beater in every term.  And if I want a week away a couple of times a yr, i can jump on a train, or drive and within 24 hrs be on the Med or up a Mountain. Within 12 hrs hours i could be in North Scotland or as far South as Cornwall.

And it doesn't matter where I've been, as soon as i get to Littleport,on the A10 and pick up the Great Ouse i know I'm home.  Not when i see the white cliffs, not when i see Big Ben nor the Tower. But the river that runs at the back of my house.

It's going to be a nightmare when we do leave the EU.  Mobile phone roaming tariff caps will be scrapped straight off, mark my words. And the queues at passport control will be a fucking nightmare with scabby teens coming back from their 'Tours', all itchy and blotchy snot-vomiting everywhere..... having spent next years student loans on this yrs Summer beer at £10 a pint!

Life will be more expensive, more restrictive both in aspiration and movement and we wont be eating Strawberries in January every again......

There's your Brexit update from where I am

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