Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Five Days, Four Nights, Two Men, One Tiny House.


I think it was during the big Hurricane in New York a couple of years back that I first spoke with Mark Burton. We follow each other on Twitter and I have long been an admirer of his work in bringing the amazing Tiny House movement to the UK with his wonderful little houses.  He was suggesting to the Mayors of NY's twitter account that Tiny Houses could be an instant solution to the immediate crises when so many lost their homes along the Eastern Seaboard.

I was banging on about how Hurricanes aren't supposed to be hitting that coastline, from that direction and at that strength, and how this is one weird fucked up planet when it comes to the climate.  then i started bombarding New York's solar companies and the Mayors Office with tweets about rigging up instant power, batteries and panels, with charge points and driving them, on flat-bed trucks into disaster zones to give immediate relief to those effected the most.  The sort of stuff i was doing in Westminster during my final years in the Police immediately after 911.  That was some job I tell you and I promise you this, I will be writing about it this year and also how I finally came about leaving the Job that I loved with a passion.  

Most of you who have been reading my ramblings will know about my passion for the life I have delved into and will respect my views on climate change, regardless of whether you agree with me.  But think about it for a minute, we really have fucked things up for our kids haven't we?  Well I was thinking that 30 yrs ago whilst re-planting trees where we had chopped some down to make the new scout hall........   

So, Mark was banging on about Housing, I was banging on about energy and contingency planning and we sort of met in a moment of twitter heaven.

So, we spoke.  And we spoke some more. We have a good following on Twitter and would have some fun during BBC Question Time.  We would gang up with other like minded souls and attack Grant Shapps when he was in #BBCQT

As we spoke more, we realised that we were so much on the same level that we had to do something.   It felt at times, through social media, we were gathering steam.  Something had to come from this.

Then In April, i was wondering the halls of some Solar Geek fest and saw the solution to the Tiny House energy issue.  A fully integrated Solar and battery kit, plug and play, so easy to fit, my Auntie could do it.  This product was being launched and I jumped all over it.  Anyway, called Mark immediately.  We met, we talked and we came up with something which we believe will revolutionise the Housing market for first time buyers, students, recently graduated, singles and those seeking a totally new way of living in the Modern World

We redesigned the roof of the Tiny House for the Solar and as we did, we started talking about mass production, and came up with what we believe to to be a Worlds first.

A Flat-Pack, Portable, Self Build House where people can move in for less than £10k  

Such has been the media about it, we have had to set up a Limited Company and this all happened in the last Month or so.......     So, pretty busy.

On top of all that, Mark and I have been planning a little trip for a few Months now.  And if you are following me on Twitter @TheSolarShed you will have seen me use #RoadTrip2014  I have also dropped this into several forums and members groups i am associated with.

So what is #RoadTrip2014

5 Days      4 Nights      2 Men     I House   Surrey to John o'Groats in one week.  

A tiny House on Tour to it's new home in the face of 100m mile an hour winds and North Atlantic Blasts.... 

On the way, (route not yet planned, as we're going to make it up as we go along) we will stopping of at various venues.

We will be aiming to 'park' overnight in University Campuses, Eco Villages and Transition Towns en route.  

We will give engage in active discussion on Low Impact Living, challenging the current concept of community cohesion, challenge the notion that debt is good and big is best.  We believe that Tiny Houses are a solution to tens of thousands of people in the UK TODAY and Millions around the world.

Drought, famine and civil war encroaches on African and Asian communities.  Tiny Houses move.

Students leave Uni with and Ave' £23,000 debt.   Tiny Houses cost the same as 2 yrs rent to own outright

Recently graduated can club together, buy land with permissions, and build new communities within communities.  Tiny Houses can deliver this social change

We have an agenda for social change.

We believe that the brightest brains leaving university should not be saddled with debt, but instead the freedom to explore their minds and develop as young people without a noose around their neck.  People living within their means, rent and mortgage free, in Tiny Villages.  Zero car, zero waste communities with a balance that lives side by side with Nature.

#RoadTrip2014 will challenge the notion that big is best.   Large houses need large amounts of energy.  Energy that is precious.  How many more kids are going to come back from the Middle East in Body bags just so we can live the life we do.  How many more ice shelves do we need to carve off, or Fracking induced Earthquakes..... 

                                     NOT ON MY FUCKING PLANET YOU DON'T

People who live in Tiny Houses are not greedy, not hungry for more, just passionate about a real life. A life where consumerism is yesterdays World and yesterdays problems.....   

                                                  Waste less, Use less, Live more

#RoadTrip2014 will be seeking venues for over-nights.  The Route, Surrey to The top bit of Scotland.  Via Glasgow university if possible.

So, there you have it.  A plan.  We'll be blogging, tweeting and using facebook for this little #RoadTrip2014

Mark is on @TinyHouseUK

I am at @TheSolarShed

We are at @TinyHouseEurope

What it's all about

An article from the Daily Mail


                                         Early April.

                       We have a Voice.  It will be heard



  1. Following all the news of #roadtrip2014 here, on Facebook and on Twitter @Frugaleur because Tiny House Living + Alternative Energy = Affordable Living with or without the frugal lifestyle! Looking forward to seeing you during the epic road trip - hope the snow has gone by then. :)

  2. Tiny Houses are built for all Terrain and all conditions. .. As you shall see. #RoadTrip2014

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